A timber, stone and shingle residence located in Greenwich, Connecticut. The home is situated on 10 woodland acres. Primary Living Rooms within the plan were located based on site determinants – vistas, exposure, and topographical considerations.

Our vision was to create an organic composition where the individual living spaces were clearly delineated by use of materials, massing, site orientation and roof lines defining the spaces below. Stone was used at the lower levels as a complimentary material to the ledge-rock surround. Shingle and timber detailing defined the upper living rooms, decks, and loggias. “Blast Rock” from excavation was used to form a natural pool landscape integral with the home. The overall sculptural composition of the spaces create a dynamic home to live in both from within and from all exterior vantage points.

This unique floor plan was organized around a N/S Axis, on the 1st and 2nd floors, which was broken up by octagonal gallery “rooms” connected to E/W Cross-Axis corridors. The galleries provided direct or tangential views throughout the home resulting in a visual connectivity between all main living spaces.