A traditional gabled country home on a lake situated in the backcountry of Greenwich, Connecticut. The main Arrival Hall leads to a N/S Gallery with views directly to the lake beyond. The front entry to the home presents a more “traditional” façade with respect to scale and window placement. The rear of the home is wide open with large glass and door openings respondent to the lakeside views.

The overall concept of this design was to provide programmed informal spaces along the southern perimeter overlooking the lake below. The Family Room with associated screened Porch, Library , and Breakfast Room all interconnect. This informal side of the house turns axis to align with a Pool below. A Pool House servicing the Pool and adjacent Tennis Court also serves as a Guest dwelling. Continuous upper level terraces link all the key spaces. Hand-cut Connecticut stone serves as a lower level plinth that the “main house” rests on. This stone base integrated with the landscaped walls to minimize the massing of the dwelling.

The Forecourt leads to an Arrival Hall with a traditional Dining Room and Living Room on either side. The Arrival Hall gets you to the “back of the house” with connection to the rear terrace and Client’s private Study. Connected to the Arrival Hall is a Gallery/Stair Hall which opens on axis to the Family Room, Library, Breakfast Room/Kitchen. A covered screened Porch and adjacent terrace connect to the lower level recreational areas.